From 2016-2019, we were proud to advertise on the trailer owned by local owner-operator, Buddy's Trucking LLC.  

My youngest and her favorite local trucker:

Pac-Man Transport LLC

The 2019 Holiday Donation Drive for the University of Maryland Children's Hospital.

My inspiration for everything I do:  My father.

Freddie Wilson.  9/9/1949 - 8/27/2013.

Peterbilt & International salesman with Elliott Wilson Trucks for over 40 years.  My hero.

In March of 2019, we moved into our own location!.  

This Peterbilt was the last deal that my father worked on before he passed away.  Thanks for sharing with me Jeff and Linda Morris.


In 2019 we were asked to help in an effort to bring relief to the flood victims of Nebraska.   As part of this collaboration with local trucking companies, farmers and the wonderful members of our community, we were able to send out 12 loads of supplies, ranging from hay and feed to fencing supplies, water and your basic household goods.   It was an amazing effort that we each will remember for the rest of our lives.


Wilson Transportation Services